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Welcome to my official website.

As we have approached our 200th episode of The Classic Rock Rewind,
I decided it was time to get a website.

I was born in Orange County California, and in 1999 I moved to Humboldt County to live under the coastal redwood trees.

I have worked in everything from sales, restaurants, catering, courier, keyboard player, auto body repair, broadcast radio, voice overs, radio commercials, and owning my own rehearsal and recording studios among other businesses.

Music and Radio have always been a thread throughout my life that I have never grown tired of. They are both therapy and my creative outlet. I am currently Operations Manager & Program Director for 5 Radio Stations in the Eureka, CA area.

The journey has led me to meet many fascinating and famous people, such as nationally known musicians, politicians, and nationally syndicated talk show hosts.

I try to bring a bit of all that experience to my show as we travel back through time, on The Classic Rock Rewind Show, aired twice weekly...

Tom Sebourn
The Classic Rock Rewind

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Try to make the world
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